About Our Company

The Manufacturing Facility has been set up by a Team of Technocrats with vast experience in Infrastructure and Wind Turbine Fasteners, having served major Institutional Buyers in India and Overseas, since the last many Years. Lloyds Infrasystems is an ISO-9001-2015 Certified Manufacturer by – TUV, under the Registration no. – 9105079845, with all manufacturing facilities in-house. The facilities include; Cold Drawing, Forgings, CNC Machining, Grinding, Hydraulic Threading, Heat Treatment, and Spun Galvanising.

Our Products

Foundation Anchors

We Manufacture a Complete Range of Foundation Anchoring Standard in Grade 8.8 and 10.9, Diameter M30 to M48 with Length up to 3500mm in Various Finishes as per Clients Requirement.


We Manufacture Hex Bolts, Hex Cap Screws, Carriage Bolts, Rivets, Fin Neck Bolts, Track Bolts and Various Other as per Clients Requirement. Lloyds infrasystems deals in Nut and Bolts.


We Manufacture B7-B16 and Various others Graded High Tensile Studs as per Clients Drawing and International Standards. These are available in Various Finishes including Polymer Coating.


Our Range of Nuts Starts from M10 & goes up to M64 in Various Grades, Standards and Finishes. These Includes Hex nuts, Heavy Hex Nuts, Slotted Hex Nuts, Nylon Insert Lock Nuts, Hex Flange Nuts and many more.


Our Range of Washers is manufactured in DIN, ASTM & BIS Standards in Various Grades and Finishes. Lloyds Infrasystems is an INDIA based ISO-9001-2008 certified manufactures by TUV under the Registration no – 9105079845.

Special Fasteners

We Manufacture Special Fasteners as Per Clients Requirement based on their drawing and Standards which also include Rail Track Fasteners and Various Other configured Fasteners.

TC Bolt

A tension control bolt (TC bolt) is a heavy duty bolt used in steel frame construction. The head is usually domed and is not designed to be driven. The end of the shank has a spline on it which is engaged by a special power wrench which prevents the bolt from turning while the nut is tightened. When the appropriate torque is reached the spline shears off.

Looking For The Best Fastening Solutions?

Lloyd Infrasystems is a one-stop solution for all your needs from a tiny to large scale projects. Our team of experts have a wide experience in delivering world-class projects.