foundation anchors Ludhiana

Foundation Anchors

We Manufacture a Complete Range of Foundation Anchoring System in Grade 8.8 and 10.9, Diameter M30 to M64 with Lengths up to 4500mm in Various Finishes as per Clients Requirement.
bolts manufacturer in india


We Manufacture Heavy Hex Bolts, Hex Bolts, Hex Cap Screws and Various Other Fasteners as per Clients Requirement. Sizes available are from M10 to M64 in Various Finishes including Polymer Coating, HDG, Zinc Flake Coating, and XYLAN.


We Manufacture High Temperature Application Pipeline Studs in B16-B7 and Various others Grades as per Clients Drawing and International Standards. These are available in Various Finishes including Polymer Coating, HDG, Zinc Flake Coating, and XYLAN.
nut manufacture in Ludhiana (India)


We manufacture Heavy Hex nuts, Hex Nuts, Nylon Insert Lock Nuts, and Hex Flange Nuts in sizes from M10 to M64 in Various Grades, Standards and Finishes, XYLAN.
washer manufacturer in Ludhiana


Our Range of Washers from M10 to M64 are manufactured in ISO, DIN, ASTM & BIS Standards in Various Grades and Finishes.

Special Fasteners

We Manufacture Special Fasteners as Per Clients Requirement based on their drawing and Standards which also include make to order Slurry pipeline Application Studs Various Other configured Fasteners.

Tension Control Bolts (TC Bolts)

A tension control bolt is a pre-assembled bolt, nut, and washer used especially in steel frame construction. It is the most widely used method of tensioning high strength structural bolts

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