Heavy Hex Structural Bolts

When it comes to construction, structural bolts are an essential component. The Heavy Hex bolts & Nuts are the go-to choices for optimal durability and strength for many projects.

Heavy Hex Bolt

Heavy hex structural bolts are fasteners with a larger head than standard hex bolts. These larger heads allow greater torque to be applied with an appropriate wrench or socket. The heavier head also provides an additional bearing surface which helps distribute the clamping load more evenly over the joint members connected by the bolt.

These bolts come in many different sizes and strengths to fit your application needs. They have high tensile strength and shear resistance, making them perfect for joining two pieces of metal together securely. The size of the bolt depends on the diameter of the hole being drilled, as well as its length and thread pitch

The heavy hex bolt is made from medium carbon steel with a black oxide or Hot Dip Galv finish, making them extremely durable and resistant to corrosion. They have been tested under various standards, which guarantee that they meet or exceed specific performance, safety, and quality control requirements. As such, they make perfect choices for any applications where long-term durability and reliability are needed – such as in construction projects & Wind Turbines.

Benefits of Structural Heavy Hex Bolts

Using structural heavy hex bolts has several advantages over other fastening methods, such as welding or riveting. For one thing, they are easy to install since they don’t require specialized tools or equipment as welding does. Additionally, they can be tightened more easily than other types of fasteners, allowing for precise tensioning when needed. This makes them incredibly versatile and reliable for many different applications across industries such as Wind Energy,  construction, manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and more.

Benefits of Structural Heavy Hex Nuts

A structural heavy hex nut has a larger and thicker body than a standard (or finished) hex nut. The thickness of the nut’s body is approximately equal to the width of the wrenching flats. The heavy hex nut is specified for use with bolts of a specific diameter and thread pitch. These nuts are available in both inch and metric sizes. The material used for structural heavy hex nuts is typically carbon steel, although they are also available in stainless steel and other materials.

About Lloyds Infrasystems

Lloyds Infrasysytems is supplying these fasteners to WTG manufacturers such as SUZLON & ADANI for more than 20 years. All the process from testing of raw material & mechanical properties is available in-house. All manufacturing processes are done in-house with state-of-the-art machinery as per ISO-9001:2015. All nuts are manufactured to maintain the required Coefficient of Friction (CoF). Our fasteners are being manufactured as per ASTM, DIN, EN & ISOA standards as per customer requirement

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